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 Favourite Bottom Moments

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PostSubject: Favourite Bottom Moments   Wed Jun 05, 2013 9:31 am

What are yours?

Mine - Mr Rottweiler having it off with his lady friend by leaping on her, Mr Rottweiler waking up and the doorbell ringing just as he opens it 'Hello, I'm from the gas board' and he grabs him.

Eddie being more popular than Richie - Bringing all his friends to Richie's party, being friendly with the staff man at the Honeymoon hotel.

The cattle prod scene, disgusting but funny!

Dick Head's moments - I love how he treats our gruesome twosome and fakes the prize money to get his revenge..

And the sex shop! The owner being all open and confronting Richie...

Not forgetting the Devil episode - Doreen Hedgehog comes round and Dave Hedgehog doesn't realise until later that it is his daughter!

('Mum doesn't like him being at the loonies house after Midnight') Laughing

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Favourite Bottom Moments
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